17 May 2017

Indirect Evidence for Vesta's Parents

As genealogists, we collect sources. They are the cornerstone of documenting and analyzing our ancestors' lives. How many times, however, do we find a source, extract its information and evidence related to our current problem, and then file it away to be forgotten?

My current primary research quest is identifying the parents of Vesta Hudson. Born in 1912 in Georgia, she married George Alvin Shelton in 1929 in White County, Tennessee. According to family sources, Vesta's mother's maiden name was Norred.

I found plenty of sources with information about the Hudsons and Norreds, but could not manage to link them to a daughter named Vesta. My number one suspects for Vesta's parents are George Henry Hudson and Emma Lou Norred. The names match, the locations match, but no Vesta. It wasn't until I looked at George and Emma Hudson's children, along with occupations, did I begin to find indirect evidence linking them to my Vesta Hudson.

George and Vesta Shelton lived in the area of East Point, Georgia, during much of the 1920s through at least the early 1940s. Today, East Point is a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, but in that time it was a separate town.  George worked in the wool mills around Atlanta.

In the 1930 census, George and Vesta lived at 109 Davis Street, East Point. Next door, in 109A Davis Street, resided Melvin and Nina Hudson. Melvin is recorded as 4 years older than Vesta in 1930. He is employed as a textile worker. Who is this Melvin Hudson? Could he be related? I believe he is.

Melvin's parents are the George and Emma Hudson I believe are Vesta's parents. He appears with them in the 1910 census. I have yet to find any of the Hudsons or Norreds in the 1920 census, though the search continues. In 1930, George and Emma Hudson are found in Sargent, Georgia, where George is employed in the wool mills.

In 1940, everyone is living in East Point, Georgia. George and Vesta Shelton reside just a couple houses from Melvin and Nina Hudson on Fairfax Avenue. George and Emma Hudson live nearby on Center Avenue.

At this point in my research, there are too many similarities to chalk up to coincidence. I believe Melvin is the older brother of Vesta, and both are the children of George Henry Hudson and Emma Lou Norred. Like always, more research and analysis are needed to make for a sound case.