03 December 2016

Deed, Isaac Z Shelton and wife to Thomas J Vandever, 12 April 1892

I Z Shelton
   to deed
T J Vandever

For and in consideration of one Dollar to part
in hand paid, and other valuable considerati-
ons to my Satisfaction we I Z Shelton and
wife Amanda Shelton have this day bargained sold
and do hereby transfer and Convey to T J Vandever the
following described tract of land Lying in the 1st Civil
District of White County Tennessee, and bounded as
follows to-wit Beginning at a Rock in Rauls West
boundary line, It being the North East Corner of the
tract Sold by J C Vandever to me, running Thence
South 8½ poles to a Rock, thence West 111 poles to a
Rock Thence Southwardly 12½ poles to a Rock Thence
West 27½ poles to a Rock Thence North 2½° West 22 poles and
nine Links Thence East 61¼ Poles to the Beginning
Containing seven and one half acres by estimation[.]
To the said T J Vandever his heirs and assigns to have
and to hold forever[.] And we I Z Shelton and wife
Amanda Shelton do Covenant with the said T J Vande
ver that we are lawfully seized and possessed of said
land, and that we have a good Right to Convey the same[.]
And we do further Covenant with the said T J Vandever
that we will forever warrant the title to said land to him
his heirs and assigns against the lawful Claims of all
persons whomsoever[.] In testimony we do hereunto
affix our signature this the 12th day of April 1892
attest J D Goff                     I Z   x   Shelton
                                            Amanda   x   Shelton

State of Tennessee
White County

Personally appeared before me J D Goff
Clerk of County Court of said County the
above named I Z Shelton Amanda Shelton the bargain
ors with whom I am personally acquainted and acknowledg
ed that they executed the within instrument for the
purposes herein contained and Amanda Shelton wife
of I Z Shelton having personally appeared before me
privately and apart from her said Husband the said
Amanda Shelton acknowledged the execution of the
said deed to have been done by her freely voluntarily
and understandingly without Compulsion or constraint
from her said Husband and for the purposes therein
Witness J D Goff Clerk of Said Court at Office, this 25th
day of July 1892
                    J D Goff Clerk

Filed and noted in Reception Book No 2 page 114 on
the 4th day of Nov 1892 at 2 o clock p.m.
                Houst[?]n L Fraser Register

White County, Tennessee, Register of Deeds Volume 33: 200, I Z Shelton to T J Vandever, 12 April 1892: FHL 507915.

Transcribed: 19 November 2016 by Phillip Ciske

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