06 September 2017

Deed - J. L. Newlin to Isaac Z Shelton, 22 September 1905

Deed, J L Newlin to I Z Shelton

For and in Consideration of the sum of 
three hundred and fifty Dollars Paid + 
to be Paid by I. Z. Shelton as follows, two
hundred and seventeen Dollars Cash the 
Receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. and one hundred 
and thirty three Dollars to be Paid in two annual insta-
llments of $6650 each for which he has this day executed  
his two Promissory notes due in 12 and 24 months 
Respectively, and Bearing interest from date. We J. L. 
Newlin have Bargained and sold and by there presents 
do transfer and Convey unto the said I. Z Shelton heirs 
and assigns a Certain tract or parcel of land in the 
1st Dist of White County State of Tennessee as follows.
Beginning on a Rock in the Center of the Smithville 
Nashville Road a Corner of the Abby Gamble tract 
Nashville Road Susan Paul Corner. Thence on her line 
in the Center of Said Road west + passing her Corner 
at 5 1/2 poles and with a line of A. J. Cesly in all 20 1/2
Running thence north 15o East on a line of the Same
44 poles to a post oak the S. W. Corner of Chas Bandens 
trast of land. Thence on a line of the same N 85o East
104 poles + 7 links to a Rock Bandens Corner. Thence S.
twoo west on Said Bandens line + passing his Corner 
and with a line of the Susan Paul tract in all 42
poles + 15 links to a Rock in the Center of the Smithville 
poles. Thence North 86o west on a line of the Same 8
poles. Thence north 88o west in Said Road 28 Poles.
Thence north 85o west with Said Road 12 poles. Then
South 77o west with Said Road 26 poles. Thence South
84o west with Said Road 6 poles. then north 78o 
west with Said Road 18 3/4 Poles to the Beginning Contain
ing 31 acres more or less. Being the same land Conveyed 
by Ed Peffer + wife to J. L. Newlin.

To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of 
land with the appurtenances estate title and interest thereto 
Belonging to the Said I Z Shelton heirs and assigns 
forever, and I J. L. Newlin do Covenant with the said 
I Z Shelton that I am lawfully seized and possessed of
said land in fee simple have a good Right to Convey 
it and the Same is unencumbered. and I J. L. Newlin
do further Covenant and Bind myself + my heirs and 
Representatives to warrant and forever defend the title to 
Said land to the Said I.Z. Shelton his heirs and assigns 
against the lawful Claims of all Persons whomsoever.
a lien is expressly Retained upon the Property herein
Conveyed to Same all the deferred Payments of Purchase 
money. Witness my hand this 22 day of September, 1905.

J. L. Newlin
Amanda Newlin

Source: White County (Tennessee) Register of Deeds, Deeds v. 56, 58-59 Oct 1912-Mar 1917 (FHL film #507921), Shelton Ike from J. L. Newlin, p. 307-308

Transcribed: 20 November 2016 by Phillip Ciske

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