23 January 2017

Deed - Isaac Z and Amanda Shelton to George and Florence Robinson, 22 December 1894

I Z Shelton
      To Deed
For and in consideration of fifteen
dollars to us in hand paid, the receipt of which is here
acknowledged we have this day bargained and sold
and by these presents do transfer and Convey unto
George Robinson and his wife Florence and their
heirs; a Certain tract or parcel of land, lying and
being in White County, and state of Tennessee in
District no “1”, and bounded and described as
as follows: Beginning on a Rock in George Rob-
insons South boundary line, running thence West
10 1/2 Poles to a Rock; Thence North 9 1/2 Poles to a Rock,
Thence East 12 1/4 Poles to a Rock; Thence South 10 1/2 Poles
to the Beginning, Containing about one acre
more or less[.] To have and to hold said tract or
parcel of land to the said George and Florence Rob-
inson and their heirs forever: We Covenant with the
said George and Florence Robinson that we are lawfully
seized and possessed of Said land, and have a good
right to Convey the same, and that the same is
unencumbered; We further Covenant and bind our
selves our heirs and representatives to forever warr-
ant and defend the title to said land to the said
George and Florence Robinson and heir against the
lawful claims of all persons whomsoever[.]
            Given under our hands
and seals this 22nd day of December 1894[.]
attest,                                    I Z Shelton          {seal}
    W G Sims                         Amanda Shelton  {seal}
White County, Tennessee, Register of Deeds Volume 35:  256, I Z Shelton to George Robinson, et al, 22 December 1894: FHL 507916.

Transcribed: 19 November 2016 by Phillip Ciske

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