30 January 2017

Deed - Isaac Z and Amanda Shelton to Samuel Stewart, 26 February 1895

I Z Shelton + wife
      to deed
Samuel Stewart
For and in Consideration of five hundred and
fifty Dollars to me in hand paid. I have this day bargained
and sold and do hereby transfer and Convey unto Samuel Stewart
a Certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the 1st Civil District
of White County Tennessee, and described as follows to-wit:
Beginning on a Hickory near the S.W. Corner of a tract of land
deeded by Richard Mauldin and his wife Ann Mauldin
to Rachel Sims, running thence East on a line of the same 3 3/4
Poles to a Rock Corner of a tract of land conveyed by Richard
Mauldin and wife to Taylor Clark (Col)[,] thence N. 10° E. 10 3/4
Poles to a Rock a Corner of same[,] thence N. 28° E with a line of
the Lowery land 23 3/4 poles to his part oaks corner of the same[,]
Thence N 60 1/2 poles to a Rock said Sheltons S.E. Corner of tract conveyed
to him by J C Vandiver[,] thence west 14 Poles to a Rock[,] thence Southwest-
hardly 45 poles to a Rock[,] thence west 34 poles to a rock in the line of
a tract Sold by A. H. P Sims to J C Vandiver[,] thence S 2 1/2o
East with said line 45 poles to the Beginning[.] Also one
other tract described as follows[:] Beginning on a Rock in the
old Lowery line of said Sheltons S.E. Corner of a tract of land
Conveyed to him by J.C. Vandiver, running thence N 12 3/4 poles
to a Rock[,] thence west 13 1/2 poles to a Rock[,] thence Southwestwardly 12 3/4 poles
to a Rock[,] thence East 14 1/2 poles to the Beginning[.] [T]o have and to hold
the said tracts or parcels of land to the said Samuel Stewart and his
hers and assigns forever[.] [A]nd I do Covenant with the said
Samuel Stewart that I am lawfully seized and possessed of said
land and have a good right to Convey the same and the same is
unencumbered and I bind myself my heirs and represent-
atives to forever warrant and defend the title of said land[,] Except
about 3/4 of an acre in the S.W Corner of the above first
tract which was, heretofore was conveyed by deed to George Robinson
(Col) by said I. Z. Shelton[,] his heirs and assigns forever against
the lawful Claims of all persons whomsoever. In testimony
whereof I have hereunto affixed my signature this 26th day
of Feb 1895[.]
            I Z A Shelton {signature}
            Amanda Shelton {mark}
White County, Tennessee, Register of Deeds Volume 39:  137, I Z Shelton to Samuel Stewart, 26 February 1895: FHL 507916.

Transcribed: 19 November 2016 by Phillip Ciske

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